B1 Visa


Business Visa

The B Visa nonimmigrant category is for alien visitors coming to the United States for the purposes of business (B-1) or pleasure (B-2). The granting of a B Visa does not allow one to be employed in the United States. The B Visa is granted by the United States Consulate and can be given for a maximum of ten years with an unlimited number of entries to the United States. However, the Consulate often limits the visa to one visit to the United States for a limited period at their discretion.


  • The alien is entering the U.S. of a limited duration.
  • The alien intends to depart the U.S. at the expiration of his stay.
  • The alien must maintain a foreign residence which he has no intention of abandoning.
  • The alien must have adequate finances for his travel to and from and stay in the United States
  • The alien must engage solely in legitimate activities relating to his business or pleasure.

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    For business visitors, this letter must be completed by the applicant’s employer or own company and should explain the purpose of the trip, details of the itinerary and give assurances regarding the applicant’s continued employment by the company. B-2 – For pleasure visitors, a letter from the employer is required indicating that the applicant is an employee of the company and will be returning to work following his vacation.



    Aliens are required to demonstrate that their trip to the United States is for a temporary period and that they will not remain in the country. Accordingly, the Consulate often requires evidence that the alien will return to their country of abode. This can be evidenced by various documents in addition to the aforementioned employer letter, proof of family ties to home country, property, investments etc. It can be helpful to have a letter of invitation to visit a friend or family member in the United States. This letter should ask the alien to visit for a limited period (i.e. two weeks, a month etc.) The alien must also be able to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds for the duration of their stay. Bank statements etc. are helpful in this regard.



    The alien’s passport at the time of the application at the Consulate should be valid for at least a period of six months.



    The application should be made at the United States Consulate. All the above should be complete. Incomplete applications will result in delays and possible rejection. A consular officer will interview the applicant. It is imperative that they (the applicant) convey that the trip is for a temporary period, that they will return to their home country and have no desire to remain in the United States. If the immigrant intended to stay, the application will be denied and it will be noted on the applicant’s passport.

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