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Law offices of Amarnath Gowda
The Law Offices of Amarnath Gowda located in Farmington Hills, Michigan as well as having offices in India is a full service law firm specializing in U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services. The law firm consists of 6 Attorneys and about 14 supporting staff. Our firm represents clients throughout the United States from all over the world. We offer extensive training and experience in non-immigrant and immigrant visas including family related immigration.
Our firm specializes in employment based visa petitions such as temporary work visas (H-1B), intra company transfers (L-1) and employment based permanent residence (EB), including employment based National Interest Waivers (NIW). We have extensive experience in dealing with national and international clients in high technology industries. We also provide a wide range of services for other non-immigrant visas including Student Visas (F-1), Exchange-Visitor Programs (J-1), Treaty Trader or Investor (E), Aliens of Extraordinary Ability (O), Athletes and Entertainers (P), Religious (R) and Canadian and Mexican Professionals (TN) visas.
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